Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gratitude vs. Manners

The Gratitude Symbol:

Maybe it’s because I interact regularly with a kindergartener, but I have been thinking a lot about manners lately. It occurred to me, as Matthew begrudgingly said please in order to have me help him open a container, that the words “please” and “thank you” really don’t mean very much to us. We say these things out of habit, similar to how we ask, “Hi, How are you?” when we address someone. Do we really expect any answer besides “good”? (that is unless you’re a wellness coach :) !)
I think Thanksgiving brings the concept of gratitude to the forefront of many peoples’ minds, and I’d like to think we have the power to expand that focus on thankfulness to the rest of the year.
I found this website about The Gratitude Challenge
The Challenge encourages you to:
· Spend three minutes every morning writing down a few things you are grateful for that day
· Devote a full morning or afternoon to composing a more detailed gratefulness list. (One tip: think both about what you are grateful for and also how you can show that gratitude)
· Make it a habit to encourage at least one person every day
· Review your finances to make sure they are in order and aligned with your values
· Plan something fun, like a trip to somewhere you’ve never been
· For one day (or more), say something positive to every person you meet

If you think some of these suggestions are a little too much to start with, then pick one and try it! See how it makes you feel. I started with making my three-minute gratitude list.
The last part of the Gratitude Challenge is to pass the challenge on to others.

Here’s my three-minute gratitude list for today:

Mom, Matthew and Joey


All different friends who I love for all different reasons

My job--- all of the people I have connected with through it

My gym membership and yoga

Living .2 miles from Wegmans

Being finished with school forever!

Green smoothies, sushi, and pizza

Plans for Thanksgiving this year

Having heat included in my rent and a garage

Share yours?

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