Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pepperoni-Sausage-Butter-Mozzarella Stuffing?

Usually when I’m on the treadmill I watch the Food Network. Sometimes it’s torture, but in general I just like to watch something that will be mildly entertaining without requiring a lot of focused attention because I like to people-watch too. The other day, FN was showing Thanksgiving meal preparation shows ALL DAY. It was interesting for a little while, and I did learn a few interesting tips, but one thing in particular really caught my attention. A woman whose show I’ve never seen before was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for her friends, and her stuffing recipe was definitely the most unhealthy I have ever heard of. She first cubed pepperoni and sautéed it with butter (!), and then she sautéed the celery and onions in the drippings. Next, she browned some sausage and set it aside, added chicken stock to the grease so she could scrape the pan and dumped all the above ingredients in a bowl together. After all that, the woman proceeded to toast some bread and then butter BOTH sides, cube it, and add it to the stuffing mixture. Next, she chopped up a ball of mozzarella cheese and added that too. Voila! Stuffing?! As if that wasn’t bad enough, she next took a piece of cheese cloth, drenched it in melted butter, and draped it over the turkey in order to allow for more saturation into the meat.

In the name of Balance, please make some smarter choices as you make your stuffing this Thanksgiving.
In fact, check out this link for some healthy ideas:

p.s. As the show ended, I looked around to see who was working out, and across the row of treadmills was a pregnant woman walking pretty quickly, which I find commendable. This woman, however, had only a sports bra and shorts on. I do think there’s a limit to the “You go girl” phenomenon.
In the name of Modesty and Respect for Others, pregnant or not, please cover yourself at the gym!

p.p.s. I always disliked stuffing because it was so mushy and soggy, but I learned a cool trick on FN—bake your stuffing in a muffin pan. You get nice serving-sized portions of crispy stuffing balls. Do you have any tips you can share about Thanksgiving foods?

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