Friday, January 16, 2009

Wait! Before You Quit............

It's January 16th today. That means most people are on their way to quitting their New Year's Resolutions (unless their resolution was to quit something, then they're starting again).

Before you quit, take a minute or two to re-evaluate. Let's just say you've not been overly successful at sticking to your plan so far. Don't give up, just change your plan. If it wasn't something you could be successful at, then it wasn't the right approach for you right now.

I've noticed that even though the gym is still busier than it was pre-New Years's slowed down some (and I'm not complaining personally---there is more space in yoga class and fewer people on the cardio equipment). So before you stop going to the gym altogether (or revert to your old habits), get out a piece of paper.

Write down:
1. The habit you want to change.
2. The way you tried to change it.
3. What about the plan didn't you stick to, and why (if you know)?
4. Make a new plan!

If you tried to do something that was too drastic or aggressive, just tone it down a little. It's not a failure, it's just a trial. Try something----it's the "thing" you tried that doesn't work for you personally, not you that has messed it up.

Then, if you're me :)

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