Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some words of wisdom from Eeyore:

Small applause is better than no applause, even when it is a little lacking in Smack.

Anybody who tells you that getting thin takes "about a week" is lying.

Go ahead, eat all you want. But just try squeezing out the doorway.

Don't be surprised if it hails a good deal tomorrow. Blizzards and what-not. Being fine today doesn't Mean Anything. It's just a small piece of weather.
(I'm pretty sure he's talking about Rochester in this one!)

p.s. I was going to apply some of that to wellness, but I think I'll just let you do that part :)


Anonymous said...

Eeyore is also very patient, caring, lovable, smart, considerate, humble, honest, believable, thoughtful. Just a few characteristics that sometimes are forgotten.

Lisa Beach said...

I agree---I have always liked Eeyore.