Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goals Revisited

I made a goal for myself for this week---because I'm going to Mexico on Saturday for a wedding, and because I wanted to take a break from some of the junky habits I'd been hanging on to. I had a food and exercise goal, and the way I measured it was by weight...and today was the day for me to weigh-in.

This also refers back to the concept of garbage in-garbage out because I felt immediately better and had more energy when I stopped eating the delicious vegan cookies and coconut ice cream I had been eating for several days in a row. So, maybe it was psychological, but who cares!?

I got two things out of my goal setting:
1. I had a reason to not bargain myself into having a cookie and ice cream last night and the night before---Logically, I knew I would not be one pound lighter than last week if I ate that stuff.
2. I re-made the connection between how I feel and what I eat.

I use this method when I'm in the contemplation phase---when I really have slacked on my good habits (or not that I stopped doing good things but I added some not-so-good things), and I want to get back on track but I can't seem to get myself started. I used the website and would have lost $100 to a charity I don't support if I hadn't reached my goal. This did add a little pressure, but it was pressure I needed to put the priority back on reaching my goal instead of just maintaining status quo.

What goal can you set for yourself this week? How are you going to reach it? Let me know so I can check in with you later and see how it goes :)

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Anonymous said...

If it was easy- everyone would great shape! Hard work pays off.