Monday, July 27, 2009

Easing Into It

I'm back at work today---and this week will be really easy since I've been gone for a whole week. I can just walk around aimlessly and talk to whomever I run into (not really, but that would probably work for a couple days).

I wasn't late to work today, but I was slower getting my act together---graded all my discussion posts and quizzes before work today, so all I have left is labs for tonight and tomorrow....probably tomorrow. I decided I'd continue to be on a break from my hair dryer this least today. So, yes, my hair is gray because I cannot get an appointment with Nicole (because I wait till the last minute to call and still don't have an appointment), and it's half straight and half not-so-straight. Having shoes on today feels like an adjustment too--so I compromised and didn't wear socks. At least I'm relaxed and have good posture!

I'm not totally caught up on data entry, and I don't know exactly who I was planning on (and need to) follow up with today---usually I have that figured out by now. But I'm trying to ease back into it.

Got to visit with relatives from CA yesterday and talked to my cousin Jimmy who just joined the Coast Guard. He's in Honolulu for now, and heading to South America in Sept---working his buns off and doing a great job. He always had a little trouble getting totally motivated to find direction in his life, couldn't decide what to do for a career, and tried a couple different things along the way. He always said he just wanted someone else to tell him what to do---he wasn't afraid to work hard, just couldn't get himself to do it. So, at 28, he joined the CG and is now 16 pounds lighter after basic training, with his six-pack back...and going to travel the world.

He's a great example of easing into things---he took his time with college, jobs, everything. He tried new things, found out they were ok (or not) and moved on when it was time. Now, he's made a commitment, and jumped all in at once. He's happy with it---and I'm glad. I think we could all learn from that--stay in touch with what makes you feel good (and why) and what doesn't (and why not). Then you're better able to know in each moment when you should ease into a new habit or life decision, and when you should jump in full force.

I still haven't unpacked most of my stuff from last week---but I did do laundry. I'm definitely easing back into reality :)
Do you have any examples of this?

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