Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More perspective

"There are no mistakes, only lessons." -- Desiree Rumbaugh

What does this mean to you? To me, it looks like maybe we should stop beating ourselves up for everything that has happened, our choices, our failures, our outcomes....and start deciding that we can learn from them in each present moment.

If you've failed at your "diet" 199 times in the past 199 days, how do you feel today? If you've tried the same things, and felt the same way after each failure, you'll probably fail today too. Especially if you blame yourself and feel guilty. What if you take a moment to really identify what goes wrong in your failures---where is it coming from? Then, back to my old stand-by advice---try something new and different.

Yes, I'm repeating myself :) But I learned this again today, and I thought maybe you could use a reminder too----and when you're ready, it will work. It may not be "easy" to achieve this, but it is simple. So all I can suggest is that we keep trying.

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