Saturday, July 11, 2009


I was at the gym on Sunday morning at (what I thought was) peak workout time. I almost put it off because I didn't want to deal with the parking lot, and then I decided that was a dumb reason not to go when I wanted to. I must have gotten there ahead of the curve because there was plenty of parking.....when I went in. When I came out it was a whole different story. Because I had gotten a good parking spot, I was in the front section of the lot, and everyone who entered the parking lot after that had two choices. (1) Go in the front entrance on the chance there'd be a spot open. (2) Just go to the back entrance and park (really) far away.

There were 6 cars jamming up the parking lot----no one could get in or out. People pulled up too far so no one could back out or get out of the way. It struck me as really funny that people are so intent on getting a good spot at the the summer, when the weather was actually good.

We get so focused on getting the best and beating other people that sometimes we forget to think about what makes the most sense in the moment.

Think for a second when you're in situations like this-----is it worth fighting for the spot....or could you just park in the back lot (and probably get in/out faster), but just have to walk further? It could be your pre-warm-up.

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