Sunday, November 1, 2009


Have you ever tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? I love that little thing---All of our walls are white, which is nice and everything, but for that reason it's also easy to get scuff marks on the walls and on the door. I like living in an apartment because it's easy, but because of the nature of apartments it can also get cluttered (i.e. we keep our bikes inside---which I'm planning to change by cleaning out the storage unit and making room for them there). The point I'm getting to is that every time we bring things in or take them out, we end up marking up the walls in the entryway and on the corners (ok, it's mostly Joe's fault but he doesn't know he's doing it and he has a lot of stuff he carries in and out for work). So, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is this great little thing---you get it slightly wet and then just rub off all the scuff marks. My door is the cleanest in the whole apartment complex, and I have to resist the urge to clean up the entire hall and stairway with it.

Fortunately, on days like today when my eyes are burning, my ears and throat are itching, and my sinuses are aching (I made myself stay home from yoga again so I wouldn't spread germs---you're welcome fellow yogis), Mr. Clean gives me something productive to do while I procrastinate grading papers and researching some random stuff for people.

I have no idea why it feels so good to clean my walls---I don't get the same satisfaction from cleaning the rest of the apartment. But it's a great way for me to get in the mode of being productive. Maybe you won't find it so satisfying, but what would do that for you? All I know is that after I cleaned my walls, I was motivated to get other things done too. Kitchen, carpet, bathroom, closets....if I had started with one of those, I probably would have ended there too. But I started with the walls, and now everything is done (except grading papers...but I'm getting to that). Do you have a trick to get you started on something, wellness or otherwise?

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