Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween?

I am supposed to be going trick-or-treating tonight. My mom was planning on coming to Rochester today to spend time with me (manis and pedis were the plan I think). I was going to go to Best Buy and get a new hard drive so I could start the new website....

But I'm sick. So is Matthew. The nurse sent him home yesterday from school with a fever of 105. I called Steve last night to check on Matthew because I saw all this scary stuff on the news about kids dying from H1N1. In addition to that, a friend of mine who works for the NJ Dept of Health was on CBS national news talking about their H1N1 call center having received 10,000 calls about it since Oct 6 (!). Steve told me Matthew seemed fine after some medicine and time on the couch, but he'd check in today too about trick-or-treating later. At this point, even if I feel any better, I don't think I'll go.

Long story short, I'd like to thank whoever infected me at the Health Benefits Fair this week with whatever I have that I passed on to all the other people whose blood pressure I checked... :) It's actually a good reminder for me that even though I'm generally healthy, I'm not invincible.

I wanted to go to yoga today, and I could still probably make it to Best Buy and to get a pedi....but I'm trying to take my own advice and stay home to not infect other people (in addition to just feeling yucky and not being able to breathe).

If you're sick, please stay home. I'm going to---even though I don't want to.

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