Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I was going to walk the 10K in DC while Joey runs the marathon (which has not started yet). We drove down yesterday in several torrential rainstorms, but overall it was an easy drive. When we got to the hotel (which is strategically near the finish line), we were getting ready to go to dinner and I realized that a whole pile of stuff I was going to pack in my bag was still on the chair in my bedroom. That means I'm in DC and all I have to wear is fitness clothes---my first thought was---what is wrong with me? I never do that---I always over-pack and have way more than I need. Luckily this area is filled with runners this weekend so no one would flinch at me being out to dinner in my fanciest athletic pants (I still felt stupid though).

Then, I figured out how convenient it was because I would be done walking the 10K way earlier than Joey finished the marathon, so I'd go shopping. It would be great---I could buy new jeans and shoes (all I remembered to bring were the uggs I wore on the way and my running shoes).

I got up this morning and started to get ready--------------and then I went to put on my shoes. I did have them---two running shoes: two right shoes of two different pairs that look the same. I feel like I did this on purpose because I knew I didn't really want to walk the race (who walks a race?), but I intended to do it. There's no way I could do it in my uggs (I walked at lunch one time in my uggs and it was not good).

So now I'm stuck here in the hotel room by myself, waiting till its late enough to go shopping---and since its Sunday that won't happen till 11. I swear on my mother's life that I did not forget all that stuff on purpose, but Joe said maybe it was subconsciously on purpose---maybe he's right. I feel guilty, but I'm sure I'll get over it once I get out of here and do something besides track the 4 people I know in the race online. In any case, Joey's running for the Organization for Autism Research, and I raised money for it and didn't run. It's not my finest moment, but I swear I'll make up for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey you were in nations capital. Very historic. That money went to a good cause, the people that donated it- should be proud, they were a part of the Marine Corps Marathon too!

Dave said...

There are probably worse things to leave at home. You did help another runner get to the race. That's good stuff because together you helped the cause of autisim.