Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make a Decision....

....and then make it right.

I've been faced with some decisions recently. Kind of big ones. It surprises me how quickly and easily I can flip flop from wanting one thing to wanting the opposite. I was discussing my options with my mom, and she finally just told me it doesn't really matter what I do---the part that matters is that once I decide, I just make it work.

I never thought about it that way before, but I think she's right.

How often are we sure that when we get that one thing, reach that one goal, or have that one certain thing happen....that we will then be content or happy? Then, when we get that thing? Does it work? Not usually, at least not long term. I'm wondering what would happen if instead of focusing on the things in our lives, about our jobs, about ourselves that we don't like, we just accepted those things and focused on the good parts. It's pretty obvious that it might make us feel more positive, and it's nothing new to suggest trying that. However, have you ever really picked a thing that you're unhappy with and tried to take that approach? I see people do it---they obsess about their weight for a lifetime, and then all of a sudden they shift and begin focusing on their health. They might lose weight, or they might not, but in both cases they feel happier than before.

Why wouldn't we try that?

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