Friday, October 2, 2009


Yesterday as I walked the three miles in from the parking lot to the Eastman Building at RIT (only a small exaggeration), I realized my feet were freezing.....and then I realized I should have had a coat on....and also that I haven't worn socks or outerwear to work since May.

I'm horrible with socks--some unknown sock monster eats them, one at a time. So I never have a match. Thankfully, I'm not opposed to wearing unmatched socks, and Uggs don't require them at all. This is the major underlying reason why I should live in a climate where socks are never required. And shoes should be optional. That being said, there is something comforting about the chill in the air (Did I really say that?!)---I don't have big plans this weekend (yoga, gym, work, repeat), just staying inside drinking tea and wearing daytime pajamas. This is the best attempt I can make at looking forward to winter. {shiver}

Maybe I'll buy a crockpot.

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Anonymous said...

Get some socks from Amy. I bet those would be comfy.