Thursday, August 20, 2009


Remember the chia pudding I suggested yesterday? Well, I tried it. I don't really want to tell you the texture was sort of gross (gooey), because then I'm afraid you won't try it. So, when I first decided the texture was kind of gross, I thought I would try and "fix" it--then I could tell you about it and also offer a solution.

I mixed puffed millet cereal with the pudding (you could use rice krispies too)---so it was like the texture of rice krispie treats when you've just dumped everything in the bowl and stirred it. It was good! I swear---although it didn't taste quite like rice krispie treats, it was close enough for me.

I was also thinking that it may be a way to eat your bee pollen---once you mix those textures and tastes, the bee pollen might blend well. I haven't tried it though, so let me know if you do!

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