Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rain on Your Parade

Are you on Facebook? If you are, you may have noticed an abundance of status updates talking about the weather (and other status updates telling people to stop talking about the weather). Why? It's pretty obvious---the weather has been less than stellar this summer (and can you even believe it's August?).

There are a lot of explanations, weather reports, and theories about why the weather has been so rainy this season, but take a moment to think about how the weather has/has not affected you and your wellness. Did you go outside and exercise less often in July due to rain? Or did you just run in the rain? Did you turn to comfort food when it was chilly outside? Or did you have your summer veggies anyway?

There is always going to be an option of bad weather (especially here in the NE), and we can use that as a reason to do less, feel worse, and eat more junk. Or we can take into account that things don't always happen as we originally planned, and do the good stuff anyway. The weather is just one example of this---did you lose your job this year? Did something bad happen to you or someone you care about? Was work more stressful than normal? Did your teenager make some poor personal choices?

Regardless of the things that happened to you this year, you still have a choice--the world's events keep going, so how you react (or don't) may not help it become a better place or control your surroundings. But it can help you feel better along the way.

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