Monday, December 15, 2008

Pumpkin and Green Beans

Last week I handed out information and recipes to my friends at Con-way Freight that included some info about pumpkin and why it is good for you. I had two different people tell me that when their dogs were overweight, the vet told them to mix canned (plain) pumpkin or green beans into their dog food. It would bulk up the food without adding a lot of calories-----and the dogs would love it. It sounds gross to me, but maybe better than dog food itself!?

I was thinking about it and how people try and do the same kinds of things---ever hear of the Fiber 35 diet? It's based on the idea that the more fiber you ingest, the fuller you will feel and the fewer calories you will consume and absorb (plus some other health/heart benefits). I've also been asked for lists of foods that can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Did you ever hear that rumor about celery? That one that says it takes more energy to digest celery than the calories in the food? I think it is called a negative calorie food, or something like that. Well, don't believe it! Munching celery might encourage weight loss---but it's because you're eating a low cal food that is high in water and fiber and will encourage a decrease in the other foods you eat (and therefore lower your daily caloric intake).

Below is my list, by no means complete, of a bunch of foods that can be consumed at high quantities without worrying about overindulging calorically.

As much as you want:
Celery (best!)
Cucumbers (best!)

Large quantities when eaten by themselves (but not unlimited):
Air popped popcorn (without butter or salt---try adding pepper or other herbs for flavor)

Tea, unsweetened

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