Monday, December 8, 2008

Trial and Error.....and Success!

Evolution is something we often think about in regards to humankind and the evolution of man. However, each person undergoes his/her own personal evolution throughout life (not always in a positive way---which doesn’t actually qualify as evolution, but it’s still a form of change). I want to share with you a great example of this positive evolution in regards to wellness and lifestyle.
I met this person back in June, and she had been trying to lose weight for quite some time. She was already physically active and even had a pretty balanced diet. The one thing that jumped out at me from her nutrition log was that her diet was lacking in the area of leafy greens----and then she told me she does not like salad. I suggested she may try adding spinach to her fruit smoothies and she (thought I was crazy, but) tried it. She started with just two tiny spinach leaves, and when she couldn’t taste that, she gradually added more day after day. Now, you might say she’s drinking a salad every morning!

After this evolution was well underway, I suggested she consider another change. This one had to do with integrating more raw food into her diet and being aware of the way combining different types of foods affects digestion. Again, she thought I was nuts at first, but stayed open-minded, and tried the new idea in small ways a little at a time.
Today, I got an email from my new wellness friend telling me about how excited she was about the dessert she made last night.
It said this:
So I know it's a little crazy to send you a picture of my dessert from last night. Actually, it might be more crazy that I took the picture... But I was SO excited. I had to share because I think you're the only person who would appreciate this.I used the frozen bananas and it made my raw ice cream much thicker and more like soft serve ice cream and less like soup. I was so excited. It's awesome to have a dessert that is honestly good for you, full of nutrition and void of bad fat and toxins!

What’s the point of this story? This individual has perpetuated her own evolution over the last six months. She stopped fighting diets, and started thinking about nutrition and how food can make her body healthier and have more energy. She tried things one at a time, and while some worked---some didn’t. But she didn’t give up, and she didn’t conclude that there was something wrong with her when an idea didn’t work.

Today, she’s eating 50% raw food and loving it, feeling better, and the weight is melting off. Your journey will be different than hers, but navigating your way through to a higher level of wellness is possible!

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