Monday, June 22, 2009

Hemp---eat it, don't smoke it.

Hemp is a plant protein. My new favorite thing is plant protein---its good for you because it provides you with amino acids you need without other junk or the need for breaking down in the body. The benefit to this is that if your body doesn't have to break down protein into amino acids, it can (1) use the amino acids readily and (2) focus energy on other things your body needs---like cleansing and repairing cells and keeping you healthy.

Hemp protein is good for you because it actually has all 20 amino acids used in the body, including the 8 (or 9, depending on your source) essential ones. Hemp protein comes from the grinding of the cannabis sativa (yes, same as the stuff you can smoke, except once you grind it, the THC level is essentially eliminated from the final product) don't get high from eating hemp protein.

Hemp just happens to have the most perfect combination of amino acids that most closely matches those needed and used by the human body for growth and repair. There is also a high concentration of Omega-3's and -6's that can help to reduce food cravings, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation in the body. What else does it have? Chlorophyll, lots of fiber (but lacking oligosaccharides that cause any GI distress), antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals........

The overall benefits:
Improved metabolism
Improved immune system
Decreased cholesterol and blood pressure
Increased energy and productivity
Decreased food cravings

Buy hemp in an organic powder form and add it to your meals----smoothies are the easiest way to go.....stay tuned for my new favorite after-workout smoothie recipe. My favorite brand so far is Nutiva.

p.s. It would help with a hangover too :)

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