Monday, June 1, 2009

You get what you feel.

When you're having one of those days in which everything goes wrong or badly, do you feel like there's some sort of conspiracy against you? Maybe you throw your hands up and exclaim, "What next?!" You are exasperated and frustrated, and you feel like you'd be better off in bed...

Where did that come from? Was there some force working against you? Or is it like one of those infomercial products we can't trust the testimonials about-----she sure did lose 80 pounds while taking those pills...but started right after having twins and also maintained a strict diet and exercise program. Did the pill do anything? Does your feeling about a bad day make it worse? Or are you more likely to be distracted by spilling the coffee so that you burn the toast and stub your toe?

It's kind of like wellness, we just list what went wrong and don't acknowledge or even know the circumstances.

When you feel great, doesn't this tend to snowball into other great things and feelings? Is there some cosmic force going on, or is it just that when you're happy and excited you are more focused and aware of good opportunities and events, likely to take action, and acknowledge what's going on around you?

I guess it doesn't really matter either way (if you believe in cosmic forces, then totally go with that, and if you don't--then just read into it the other way!)---as long as you make the connection that you get more of what you feel right now. When something happens to bring you down, find something to get excited or happy about, and try and turn that cycle around. Do you ever do this?

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