Friday, May 29, 2009

Too Much!

Moderation. Balance. Both are terms we hear and preach all the time---we know we should have and practice them in our lives, for our wellness.

How good are you at Moderation and Balance?

I like to think I'm pretty good at both, but sometimes I get a glimmer of my imbalances and over/under-indulgences. I have goals---and this is good for planning out my Moderation and Balance....but sometimes my goals seem to throw me out of alignment too.

So now, I'm finding that I'm trying to Moderate and Balance my Moderation and Balance! What?! Seriously, though, if you find yourself out of whack, reign it in----lay your plan out in front of you---is it reasonable? If not, how can you change it? What planning, attitude and determination can you cultivate to meet your goals and still be sane and content with your life.

This week I found myself not dealing with much of anything because I couldn't figure out where to start. So I started nothing (except those things that had urgent deadlines or consequences, and that filled my time nicely alone).

Now I'm re-evaluating and trying to catch up. I'm making a list of my committments and taking note of the things on that list I can change without derailing my long-term plans. Phew---it's work.

Bottom line: Moderate your Balance and Balance your Moderation. Just like the other wellness stuff, it takes planning, the right attitude, and determination. Make it fun, keep a healthy perspective, and don't get down on yourself when you're not balancing perfectly---just adjust and move on....And then laugh about it.

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