Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Normal

Yesterday I was talking with someone who is trying very hard to maintain the determination to stick with all the little changes she's made. She hasn't really seen big results, and she's having a tough time seeing the benefit of just doing the little things---even though the things she's doing aren't too difficult or dreadful.
We talked about how sometimes it's helpful not to gauge progress by measureable tangible results in the beginning (especially if there aren't any yet). One of the best ways to see if you've progressed is to look at your "normal." Has your normal changed? Before, did you never go to the gym and now you go once a week without thinking twice about it (...and maybe your ultimate goal is to go 4 times)? So, your old normal was to never go and your new normal is to go once. So maybe your next new normal will be to go twice! Or maybe in the past, you never ate vegetables and now you eat two servings a week---New Normal!

So another way to look at your baby steps is to use the concept of creating a New Normal----make a little change comfortable, easy, and second nature....and then move on to something else. Part of it is about staying in the moment, being comfortable and content with where you are, and then being flexible and accepting the process of change.

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