Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting to Santa Monica on the 405

I was talking to my cousin yesterday---and I love her, but she is extremely dramatic. I used to say I lived vicariously through her...now I get tired just by listening to stories about her life. She always has goals. She is a very driven and motivated individual, and she always follows through on her plans. She once went to Thailand and Cambodia for Christmas vacation...she has backpacked through Italy by herself, and recently went to Alaska for fun. Not that Alaska can't be fun, but it's just so cold.

Anyway, she works in the entertainment industry, which is very fast-paced, and she knows a lot of people. Something she said to me yesterday not only made a lot of sense for her in her life and escapades, but I thought it could also make a lot of sense to everyone.

She spoke with someone about her recent life lessons and actions, and when it came down to talking about what she wanted and how she has actually been living.... the person said to her---Kristen, you're trying to get to Santa Monica on the 405..... but the 405 doesn't go to Santa Monica---you have to take the 10.

It was a revelation for her (but yet, she knew it all along). How often does that happen to you? I see it a lot---people tell me that it's not that they didn't know what they should/need to do, they just needed to hear it again or in a new way.

So, answer three questions:

1. What do you want for yourself (goal)?
2. Is what you're doing going to get you there?
3. If not, what will?

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