Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Detox or what?

To detox or not to detox...is that the question? Maybe the real question should be: How do you detox? Because we all should. I think the word detox has an association with it that can really freak people out---they automatically assume it means something extreme and weird (ever heard of the Master Cleanse?).

The bottom line for detoxing is that we should all do it, and all it really means is to reduce and clear out the number of toxins in our bodies. We are exposed to toxins through the food we eat, the environment, the products we use, etc. If we want to detox, or cleanse our cells, we just need to decrease the amount of toxins we encounter.

You can do this in a focused program, like by eating lots of organic veggies and fruit for a week. Or you can take a detox approach to life---just think about ways you can decrease your exposure to toxins on a daily basis. Maybe you switch to natural kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. Maybe you buy organic produce 50% of the time. You could get outside in nature and take deep breaths of clean fresh air. There are many many things you can do to reduce the toxin-load on your body.

It can be just like any other area of wellness---pick something small that doesn't sound dreadful, and just try it out! Maybe you won't feel a significant difference, but your cells will thank you :)

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