Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where are you?!

Hello RIT wellness pilot participants,
In the beginning of May, I sent an email out saying I would be leading a lunchtime walking group Mon-Thurs at noon each week starting outside the SAU. I know, this isn't convenient for everyone, but I can't help it!

At that time, I had many many responses about how excited people were to do the lunchtime walking group. Lots of people said they'd make it as often as they could, or just on certain days of the week, etc.


We've been walking at lunch for a month now. Most of the time there's three of us. Now don't get me wrong, I'm totally happy with my walking buddies and I think they like it too since they keep coming back.

But where are the rest of you?

I know you have perfectly good reasons for not walking, and I'm not pointing fingers and saying you should do it---it's not like that at all. I just want to remind you that we're doing it, and that it's a great break in the middle of the day. It's also a good time to ask lots of random health questions---today we discussed what might be the healthiest drink at a bar, the reasons why you shouldn't drink diet soda, and how different peoples' walking speeds vary based on the type of their muscle fibers (i.e. if you're a slow walker it doesn't necessarily mean you're out of shape).

When it gets hot out (or rainy) we'll just walk over to the ice rink and walk there.

So if you do have the time one of these days, come on out and try it. If you come once (like a few people did in the beginning of May) and it doesn't fit with what you're looking for, I'm never going to come back and ask you why you don't come anymore or put you on the spot.

Walk if you want, and don't if you don't want to----but you won't know unless you try!

See you tomorrow at noon?!


Anonymous said...

can non RIT folks come and walk?

Lisa Beach said...

I'll have to check on that one....

Lisa Beach said...

Yes, anyone can walk!