Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bring a Friend to Work

I went downstairs to the garage this morning, and got in the car....and hit the garage door opener button, and it went up about 2 inches and then stopped. I tried this a few times and then got out of the car to find that one of the springs is broken.

So I'm stuck. I had an 8am appointment with the 17 housing maintenance guys (how ironic) on campus that I had to email in and cancel. I'm supposed to be in the USC building all morning and have several appointments there....not to mention my 2 11am appointments and the lunch time walk....

I had no trouble missing work for the last three days after letting people know and planning to not be in. But it's a little different when I'm just not showing up and calling in at the last minute. Then again, stuff happens---I'll just do work at home till Angel or that other maintenance guy comes over and fixes it.

I called Midge, my HR friend at RIT, to let her know why I'm not showing up, and I ended up talking to her for the entire time she was driving around campus making sure the Farmers' Market signs were set up (p.s. Farmers' Market from 10-2 in E Lot---they have great stuff, even baked goods and chair massages). At the point when we decided to get off the phone, she said it would be nice if we could just keep talking----which reminded me of when I was a stay-at-home auntie, and I would occasionally talk to my friend Stacey as she walked her entire mail route. Sometimes Matthew and I would meet her out in town with the stroller and walk part of her route too. And no, USPS, we never carried any of the mail for her in the stroller.

When I began wellness coaching, I often thought how nice it would be if I could bring a friend to work---a team effort would make it more fun, and easier. The time would go faster too, I think.

As a wellness coach, I get to be kind of a loner---talking and listening all day long, often with people I consider friends, but it's still a solo job. If you do get to work with and among people you call friends, take a moment to notice (and maybe even let them know) how much better they make your day!

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