Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life in Music

I'm not sure if this post is wellness related, but I'll try and tie something in--maybe it has something to do with telling my story---Since I'm encouraging you to improve your wellness through telling your stories, maybe I should set an example!

I went to Boston last weekend---not really, it was South Dartmouth, but it felt like going to Boston for the most part---for my friend Catie's wedding. I left early Saturday morning and returned on Sunday, so it was a pretty quick trip. Joe stayed in Rochester to run the half marathon, so it was a solo road trip for me. Aside from being a little stiff afterward from driving so much, I really enjoyed all that time in the car with nothing to do. I don't know about you, but when I travel I always end up listening to things on the radio I wouldn't normally listen to at home. This trip was kind of nostalgic for me at times.

I have driven the first part of that trip many times because I used to live in the Boston area...and I'm pretty sure that similar to my trip last weekend, it has always rained at least part of every drive I've ever taken between Boston and home.
I heard a little of everything on the radio--- Paula Cole, Oasis, Dave Matthews, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Lisa Loeb, Ace of Base.... even Madonna from the early years.

I think most of my life played through my head during the first half of my drive---generally provoked by whatever song came on the radio. The trip itself reminded me of one specific prior drive to MA---except that I was alone this time. In 2001, I graduated from college on a Saturday, moved to Boston on Sunday and started working on Monday. I was 22, and my sister Jen, who was two years older than me and living in Penn Yan with her husband, drove me to my new home that day in my car and then flew home the next morning. We scoped out Lexington (my new 'hood) and went to the grocery store (Stop 'n Shop--so not Wegmans) and figured out my route to get to work the next day. It wasn't that I was a mess about making that big move, but it was a big deal at the time, and she helped me make it through with only tearing up just a little bit when she left for the airport and I left for work. I'm not sure if I ever told her how helpful and meaningful that was to me, but I'm pretty sure she knew. I hope so---she was always really good at writing notes and cards and mailing me stuff (one card even had a footprint--signed by her dog Maddie). Most people I stayed in touch with just emailed me, but I think she knew that getting real mail when you're alone is just that much better.

As I was driving to Dartmouth this past weekend, at a certain point, I realized I wasn't going to end up very near Boston because Tom Tom was telling me to turn off the Mass Pike. I followed his directions, found myself in downtown Providence, and realized I had not downloaded any map updates since May of 2008---but Providence had certainly updated their roads. So, I was lost, and Tom Tom was confused---showing me driving through the air perpendicular to the roads on the map. Luckily it was Sat morning with light traffic, and I ended up back on 95 soon enough, headed in the right direction (I hoped).

I made it---found the hotel----found my college friends, and went to the wedding. Catie's parents own a house in South Dartmouth, and the wedding was there---outside----in the pouring rain. We all laughed as we approached because if anyone has to have a wedding in the rain, it should be Catie. She would never let that put a damper on her event. And it didn't. It was fun catching up and fun planning our next friend reunion. I drove home on Sunday thinking I would make it to the yoga workshop I signed up for that afternoon. But I didn't.

And I'm totally behind on my work---for all of my jobs. I think I'll go to yoga class tonight and just deal with it later. This whirlwind trip could have really thrown me into a frenzy, both to prepare and recover work-wise (considering I'm also going to Florida next weekend). But I'm glad I'm just rolling with it---I had a good time, and all that driving time with all those old songs was kind of like reflective therapy.

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