Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

Michael Pollan's statement is really true!
What's your goal? Be healthier? Be skinnier? Live longer? Feel better?

In any case, you can follow that mantra and you will be better off. And closer to your goal.

Sometimes I'm better at that method than others. In Florida. Bad. In Rochester. Sometimes Good. Out to Eat. Bad. With People. Bad. Stressed. Bad. Nervous. Bad. After eating Badly. Bad....

There seems to be so much more Bad than Good. So then I think about how much more Bad there is than Good. And then that makes me do more Bad. Snowball.......

So if I can focus on these three small details----Eat food (you know, not crackers out of a box that could just as easily have ended up in the paper factory and then in your printer). Not too much (you know, like when I should have stopped after 1 cacao berry clarity but instead I ate 3 because I was feeling intense). Mostly plants (Easy to tell what is what---if it's a plant, eat more. If not, eat less.).

It's simple! Not easy, simple. You can't be perfect after making one effort or decision. But keep it in your head. Keep trying. It gets better. Who wants to be perfect anyway?

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