Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm in Florida. Yes, I'm on the computer---because I teach online and I have no choice. And I like it. I can do a half a day's worth of work and then walk away from it (except when a student calls me while I'm at a Miami Dolphins game to tell me her house just burned down!).

I'm pretty happy about the fact that at the football game last night---leading up to it, during, and after actually---there were a lot of things that happened that could have been annoying. But they weren't.

A quick run-down:
Before game traffic....sitting in traffic where a few people caused a bottle neck by trying get around the problem and then ended up jamming things up and slowing things down for everyone else.
During the game....very immature 20-somethings sitting in front of and behind us. One girl spent the entire first quarter (and then periodically after that) turned around standing up (the only person standing for most of the time), waving and trying to get her friends' attention who were sitting further back. The girl behind me talking incessantly about how easy it would be to be a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, and discussing her boob size with the boys next to her.
After the game....it took an hour to actually move from our parking spot to the exit of the parking lot.

The funny thing is that there was not one moment when I was annoyed. I noticed all that stuff, and more. Joe doesn't get annoyed about things that don't matter, and so it just wouldn't make sense for me to either. We just had the best time. It was sweaty and loud, and there were those 20-somethings, and a really really big guy sat next to me and infringed on my space, and the people in the parking lot were wasted and playing really awful music really loudly...And if I had gotten annoyed at any of it, that would have been the only thing that was different about the night because none of those people would have been any different based on my reaction. I guess I'd rather just notice and laugh about it and then have a good time.

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