Friday, September 18, 2009

Waiting Patiently for Change.

I'm on the verge of a lot of change, and it is not happening very quickly----a bunch of things have to wait until other things happen before I can make a move. And those things that need to happen are out of my hands, and in the hands of people who are not being proactive.

I'm trying not to be frustrated----and I'm working on being patient. So, time will pass and everything will work out.

I had this email dialogue with my mom today, who by the way, if I haven't mentioned it, is the most amazing real person I've ever known.

While I was speculating and projecting ideas....she responded like this.

"I agree - I want to be crazy-me with no holds barred --- not censor my thoughts and beliefs - just rock-them - LIKE MONETIZE THE HATE {}- that is genius.

And yah ------ the sky is the limit for you --- and like me as time passes, it just feeds your determination to make these choices.

We can do anything --- we have already --- and if we don't, shame on us - because we have trekked thru madness and mayhem - and that can't be only to survive. Truly."

I love my mom because she is so real---someday I would like to write a post to tell you how awesome she is, and how humbled I am by how she came to be who she is. I know other people have gone through a lot and managed and persevered and risen above it all...but I don't know them. So my mom is an inspiration, and I think her story would inspire you too.

The truth is, the title of this blog (Thrive, in case you didn't notice :)), is what she's talking about there---remember that old question, "what's the point?" Well, I believe the point can't be just to get through it.

But let's wait till later for all that----my plan is to transfer this blog to a different platform in the next couple weeks and then make it less work-ish and more me-ish. Consider that a fair warning :)

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Anonymous said...

Last week I decided that the opposite of frustration/impatience is persistence --- instead of patience. That word-shift gives me a different feeling about what is going on.