Friday, March 13, 2009

Chicken or Egg?

I went to an event last year where Lisa Ling spoke about her experiences working with National Geographic. She has done reports on the World's Most Dangerous Gang and things like that. Her philosophy is that its necessary to get the real facts, "the facts on the ground," rather than just relying on mainstream news media stories.

So mainstream news tells me I can be healthy by following the food pyramid. I decided to test it against other theories I've read about.

My experiment is working---I've gotten up everday at 4:30 to do work, worked out (most days) from 6-7, and then worked from 8-6, and have not done any work at home after 7pm.

I've increased my vegetable intake to about 12 servings a day (mostly via green juice and salads), cut out all white flour/sugar, had minimal processed food, and only drank wine one night. I've only had meat twice since Feb, and both times it was raw.

Last week was the first week I did it, and by Thursday I was exhausted.

This week, I had a hard time falling asleep on Thursday night because I had too much energy.

I'm not sure what came first to cause this shift....the veggies? the placebo effect? the infrared sauna? the lack of meat and/or cooked food? the routine of getting up early?

I don't know what gave me so much energy, but sometimes it is important to look at the effects of the big picture of what you're doing and not overanalyze and dissect it into pieces. Sometimes things work altogether to bring an effect---don't fight it! Be happy and continue (and consider drinking some green lemonade).

As Lisa Ling would say, "Now you have the facts on the ground. What are you going to do about it?"

Test your own theories. Get your own facts on the ground. Now that I know what works for me---I can't really stop, can I? Well, I could. But.

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Lisa your a very good writer. Keep up the good work. I find your blog very inspiring!