Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No, Really.

The last post showed the relationship between plant consumption and heart disease and cancer deaths. Ok, so if you know about research, you might argue that it didn't show a causal relationship---we don't know anything else about the lifestyles of the countries studied. But, it's like anything else, if you can think of an excuse (its probably a good one) you can justify ignoring something that's pretty clear in its message. Don't miss the point.

Its like wellness coaching---when I presented a summary of the process to a bunch of research faculty, they found all these issues with whether or not our "results" would show anything valid (i.e. did peoples' health indicators change as a result of wellness coaching? How could we ensure validity and reliabilty?). After a few minutes of discussion, I finally just said---we're not doing a research study. We're talking about life---and when you ask people who use the service whether or not it was helpful, they will most likely say yes, in one way or another it was helpful. In addition, we'll track changes and improvements---will these results be published in a scholarly journal? Nope. But do they mean something? Yes.

In regards to vegetables----will they solve all your health problems? No. Will they help you in many ways to feel better now and in the future? YES.

You saw the graph. Eat more plants.

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