Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Do you know how many people tell me they hate going to the dentist? Can you relate? Dental health is very important, and its not something I cover very often as a wellness coach. When I was coaching more in manufacturing settings, I got a lot more complaints and heard many more feelings of frustration about the cost of dental work (they were less likely to have any dental coverage). But even now, whenever the topic of going to the dentist comes up, people sigh in annoyance and mutter a variety of things about hating going to the dentist.

Last year, I found this website that addresses dental health in a do-it-yourself and take-responsibility-for-your-teeth kind of way. http://www.cleanwhiteteeth.com/
Dr. Ellie Phillips (who by the way also owns Phillips European Restaurant on E. Henrietta Rd with her husband) developed this system over the last several decades and has decided to spread the word about it full-time rather than continuing to practice standard dental care.

Here's the bottom line:

1. Rinse with Closys Mouthwash
2. Brush with regular toothpaste
3. Rinse with Listerine (rinse your toothbrush in Listerine too)
4. Rinse with Act

5. After you eat throughout the day, eat a few xylitol mints or chew the gum

You can buy all this stuff locally, and although Dr. Ellie has a line of xylitol products called Zellies, there are other brands out there too.

I spoke with Dr. Ellie a few weeks ago and she told me several stories about people who have completely reformed their dental health by using this system. Everyone from a guy who used to brush his teeth with Ajax to get them white (and in turn scraped the enamel off his teeth) to people with standard dental issues and even people who have not been to the dentist in decades.

I also know of an MCC dental hygiene student who is in need of people to practice on for free. If you haven't been to the dentist in years and would like free dental work, please contact me and I'll give you her phone number.

Take care of your teeth now---giving up is not going to help your dental bills!

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