Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Practice Living By the Laws of Nature

This is something I wrote in Fall of 2007 when I was working on my dissertation and teaching at Keuka. I think the concept is still relevant (and I don't have time to come up with anything new today!)... Even when things feel unbalanced, take a minute to remind yourself about what is good. If possible, do this before you remind yourself of what's not going well!

I have been reading a book called "40 Days to Personal Revolution," by Baron Baptiste. If you're not into ancient wisdom, spirituality, yoga, meditation, and things of this nature, don't read it (p.s. It's not about religion). However, if these topics interest you, you may find it (like I have) to be a really nice summary of all the things you've read so far, and it totally relates all of the concepts to health.

Gandhi believed health must be achieved in the spirit realm (vs. physical) in accordance with the laws of nature, and in regards to diet, exercise, positive surroundings, and a pure heart. When we do not live by the laws of nature, we are not living up to our potential. Sometimes I have found it difficult to ALWAYS follow these laws---I mean, you shouldn't focus on money, yet, you have to pay your bills. You shouldn't worry about fitting the status quo, yet, you still have to function well in society. We should be IN this world, but not OF it---I do get that part, so I guess it all just takes practice. I do have to worry about what people think in order to meet deadlines, teach well, finish my dissertation. Like everything else, it just seems to be about balance----the right amounts of: coffee, sleep, meditation, exercise, family, food, studying, friends...

I have to add, I really like teaching a freshman health/wellness class. The subject matter is SUPER easy, and although I have to prepare for class, its not like my brain has to work really hard. It's a nice break from doing research.

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Nice job Lisa! Keep up the good work.