Thursday, February 26, 2009

Draw Your Own Line

I just read an article online about how to trim your budget by $18,500 a year. The only reason I clicked on the link was because I figured it wasn't really realistic. It wasn't. Well, I guess it depends on your priorities...

The author suggested that you could save almost a $1000 a year if you ate food from bar menus and meals at quick sit-down restaurants instead of full-service restaurants. Am I crazy, or does that sound like they're suggesting we eat more fast food and greasy fried bar food?!

I'm not saying we should always eat healthy foods, but I do think the priority for saving money should be balanced with our own values of how much and when to make healthy choices. I think you can still go to the full-service restaurant and use strategies (like ordering appetizers instead of an entree) to lower your bill and still have quality food.

It does take some strategizing. But it's worth it. If you save $1000 a year by eating fast food, but you've damaged your health...and then eventually spend all your money on healthcare expenses---where did the kind of advice in that article get you?

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Darn right!