Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Liverwurst and Cucumbers

Human beings are creatures of habit, and as such, we tend to stick to what we know in nutrition and food. One of the things I try and do as a wellness coach is introduce new ideas and different ways of doing familiar things.

This began about a year ago when I stopped at my grandma's house for lunch. She and grandpa were having liverwurst and cucumber sandwiches---and although I was thoroughly disgusted by this, I knew if I wanted to eat I didn't have a choice...I was really hungry!

The idea of liverwurst is not appealing to me, but it actually didn't taste that bad (the nutritional details of this strange meat product are another story). Cucumbers on a sandwich---not something I usually did, but it made a lot of sense after trying it. So I started thinking about our concept of what makes up a sandwich: bread, meat, cheese, condiments...maybe some version of lettuce or tomato.

Consider how many times you have ordered a sub or made a sandwich and you did not taste the cheese. So, why did you put cheese on it? Well, because cheese is supposed to be on a sandwich. Certain things are acceptible as sandwich ingredients and certain other things are not. I like to encourage people to think outside of their idea of "normal" food. The next time you make a sandwich, consider avocado, cucumbers, hummus, and other weird stuff. You might be surprised at how good it tastes (and how healthy it is)!

I'll post more ideas for new twists on familiar things later.

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