Monday, February 2, 2009

Stupor Bowl

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl last night? What kind of night was it----A quiet evening at home with the family? Out at a bar/restaurant? At a friend’s house for a party?

I went to yoga class yesterday morning, and spoke to one of my fellow yogis, the owner of The Distillery and Pellegrino’s. He was there to de-stress and gear-up for a busy evening. He said the Super Bowl is not the busiest game night of the year at The Distillery, but it’s a night heavy on the reservations. This made me think about what people were really doing last night and why.

The Super Bowl is one of those occasions people use as a reason to go all out, for all its cheesy, fatty, chips ‘n beer glory. Whether you rode the Stupor Bowl gorge-fest wave for the sake of the game, the commercials, the company, the excuse to eat badly, or some other reason—it’s all over by now. Today is a good day to get back to basics.

If you’re feeling the Stupor today: a little sleepy, puffy, hungover, blah, or all of the above; don’t get down on yourself. Drink a little extra water and eat a few more vegetables throughout the day. If you have the chance, get up away from your desk and take a 10-15 minute walk outside (or inside, depending on the weather). Remember that you can’t possibly have thrown off your progress toward your wellness goals all in one salty night---so, remember how much fun you had and move on in a positive way.

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